Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UPS Delivers!

We are happy to report that UPS has donated $25,000 to Fanatical Change! This donation is sure to have a huge impact for the families that will be helped as a result of Rocktoberfest coming up on October 1st at Jones Plaza. All donations of $1,000 or more or becoming a core volunteer will earn you a spot on the bus for the delivery. This is the most rewarding part of the process. It is incredibleto see the impact of your donations on the website after the delivery, but it is a life changing experience to actually participate. This boost is sure to make Rocktoberfest a success however we are only at 25% of our goal of $100,000 and this will provide assistance to 20 Houston families. We need your help. Get involved. Tell your boss, tell your friends and family, come and volunteer. For information on how to volunteer please send an email to

Special Thanks to Kevin Ward at UPS for all of his efforts. You are awesome! After only five months with our organization you have had an amazing, lasting effect. You are very appreciated. Miracles are now possible as a result of your efforts.


The Fanatical Change Board of Directors