Wednesday, August 3, 2011


There are two types of people in this world; the ones one the inside and the ones on the outside. Are you an insider? Are you one of the over 200 people who have registered thus far?

If so this is where you will be hanging out tomorrow:

If so: you will be the one who will be telling people on Friday what an amazing time you had at the Fanatical Change Rocktoberfest Pre-Party. If you are really an insider you will be discussing it with someone who attended. (hint: bring lots of friends)

Don't get left out. Register at the top of this page. Be an insider. Because if you dont come, when you hear about the party and how great it was (and now that you read this) you will know that you are an outsider.

It is way cooler to be an insider.

See You Tomorrow!

Keep the Change.

Here is some video of our last event so if you were not there you can see not only what you missed but what to expect.