Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank You Indy Quest!

Special thanks to Creston and Holly Inderrieden of Indy Quest. They are not only rising stars in real estate (no really they are, the Houston Area Realtor's Nextgen Realtor Group named them among the 20 Rising Stars Under 40) these fledgling philanthropists have put us $1,000 closer to our goal of $100,000. Thank you so much Creston & Holly. We will see you on the delivery since your donation qualifies you to come along and deliver the goods and services to the families we help. Talk about restoring intimacy! You don't get to watch the video, you get to come on the bus for the delivery and be in the video!!!

We want two or three buses. Any donation of $1,000 or more earns the donor a spot on the bus to deliver the goods and services. Once you experience selfless giving on this scale your life will never be the same. To bring a smile to a woman's face who just lost her child or bring a father whose children are laying in hospital maimed while he morns the death of his wife relief is like nothing else on this earth. It is the only payoff that anyone involved with running Fanatical Change gets since it is a 100% volunteer organization. But this payoff is priceless. That kind of emotional connection with another human being cannot be bought, imitated or forgotten.