Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fashion Show for Fanatical Change

Business Casual? After Five? Casual Friday? If you have questions about today's office fashions, please join us on Thursday, April 30th from 6:00 to 9:00pm at Mosaic, 5925 Almeda Road for FASHION FORWARD!

FASHION FORWARD is a fashion show, networking event, silent auction and cocktail party for Houston's up-and-coming professionals. Enjoy complimentary cocktails and hors d'Oeuvres. A portion of the silent auction proceeds will benefit The Fanatical Change Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) charity which provides immediate life-changing assistance to selected families that have very recently experienced a major life-altering tragedy.

$30 for members (Intown Chamber of Commerce)

$40 for non-members

Complimentary valet parking available.

To purchase tickets, please call 713.524.1739.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where'd the Money Go?

Thank you for your participation and interest in the life-changing opportunities made possible by assistance through our corporate sponsors, individual donors, friends and volunteers. You have made it possible for The Fanatical Change Foundation to provide immediate life-changing assistance to three selected families whom have very recently experienced a major, life-altering tragedy, at the time of their deepest need. Below you can experience the details and results of the Fanatical Change each of these families were provided by way of your donations.

Family #1
Tuesday, March 24th, Man Disappears off Galveston Coast.
Tony Blocker, 28, of Maumelle, AR, vacationing with Eunique Powell, their small child and five young family members, went missing 40yards off the Galveston Coast Tuesday, March 24th. A young father and dedicated partner of 8 years, Tony was only inches from his long-time love and Mother of his child, Eunique when he was pulled under by rough surf. Eunique Struggled to make it back to shore, Lifeguards, Galveston Police Helicopters, Coast Guard and concerned citizens have continued to search. Blocker has not been found. The children, Eunique and respective family are hopeful.
Service Officials are presuming no good news for the Blocker family. OOO

Friday, March 27th, Delivery of Fanatical Change
Astonishingly, and VERY unfortunately, Tony Blocker’s body was found off the Galveston coast only hours before
Fanatical Change arrived with our donors’ assistance. Throughout the course of the search, approximately ten additional family members from Arkansas had joined Eunique and the children for support. Upon our arrival, the devastating news was very fresh, and it was clear that amidst bereavement, this family was in crisis-management mode. It became quickly apparent that this was an opportune time for Fanatical Change in this family’s life.
Friday morning our Board of Directors was able to identify the Blocker and Powell family’s most acute needs through communication with close and distant family and friends. Through the power given to us by our donors and sponsors, we were able to Fanatically Change this grieving family’s life by delivering immediate assistance reaching to all levels of this tragedy. A $1,000 U.S. Savings bond was given to his young son, Denton. Financially unable to stay in Galveston to view the body and make arrangements, the family’s stay at their Resort was extended as necessary. Living, food, and travelling expenses were donated as well to carry them through their stay and subsequent trip, doing everything our Foundation could do to ensure the remainder of their stay was appropriately focused, and comfortable. In addition to assistance with Funeral services, the family also identified a need to separate from the environment in which this tragedy had occurred. An all-expense paid trip to Moody Gardens for the family of fifteen was arranged, including admission, dining and funds for miscellaneous expenditures. This family was clearly moved, and honored to have been a part of this effort, offering repeated gratitude to all of our donors. Thank you for helping our Foundation Fanatically Change this family’s life.

Family #2
Friday, March 20th, Two Teenage Brothers Shot at apartment complex in SW Houston
Markese Donahue was killed trying to stop a group of men from breaking a hole in the fence that surrounded his apartment complex. He'd heard the kicks from inside his unit at the Willows Apartments. The sun was setting as he went outside to tell the men to stop. They argued and shots were fired. One of the bullets hit him in the chest. Marquis had a newborn child, Ironneesha, who is only 4months old. Markese was getting married only later this year. Anthony Smith, Markese’s younger brother, was visiting him when the argument started. Anthony was shot in the leg.

Friday, March 27th, Delivery of Fanatical Change
Markese Donahue was an inspiration and a gift to his family and his community, his good-spirits reached out even to many who never had the opportunity to cross his path. In his mother’s words, Markese “Loved to smile…” He was described as a young man choosing the path of goodness and generosity, survived by his fiancĂ©, who he was set to marry this year, and his deeply loved four month old daughter. Markese’s love for life, and dedication to his daughter and his family was unsurpassed, and he is deeply missed, while still alive in the hearts of those whom he touched. Because of his love for his daughter and his family, the Fanatical Change made possible by your donations was focused on these individuals, specifically his profoundly adored daughter, 4 month old Ironeesha.
To begin, a $1,000 U.S. Savings Bond was provided in the name of Ironeesha. Additionally, $1,000 in Babies ‘R Us spending was provided to the family to assist in upcoming expenditures for Markese’s family. The family was also given a $150 Visa checkcard to alleviate miscellaneous acute financial burdens brought about by the unfortunate passing of their provider. The family as a whole was provided an expense paid trip for 8 to an upcoming Houston Aeros hockey game. The family also identified that they had trouble gathering the funds to provide Markese with a deserving headstone. This expense was paid for in full on behalf of Fanatical Change Foundation and our donors and sponsors. Markese Donahue and his family were beyond works in their very emotional gratitude for the Fanatical Change provided by you and your peers. Thank you for being a part of this very special family’s life.

Family #3
Sunday March 22nd, 33-yr old Community Hero, Father, Falls to his Death off Freeway
In a community plagued by crime and violence, Rene Tijerina stood apart for his efforts to turn troubled lives around. Northside residents are mourning the loss of their neighbor, friend and mentor after the 33-year-old single father fell from a freeway overpass while rushing to the aid of his teenage son, who was involved in a minor traffic accident on Sunday. Leaving behind his Teenage son and a young daughter, Tijerina came from a troubled youth of drugs and violence, turning to his faith to build a life of generosity and kindness. Having recently earned a promotion in his company, Tijerina missed the days of a financially impeded attempt at opening a community center for young children. Preserving his effort, in addition to additional young community outreach, Tijerina opened the doors of his home to his neighbors, young and old, for weekly Bible study, known to draw 50-60 neighbors and friends. Tijerina’s sudden and surprising death leaves a void for the many people he touched, but none so deeply as his own family. He raced to his son’s aid when the 15-year-old called to tell him he had been in an accident on West Loop near the Galleria early Sunday morning. He found himself on the wrong side of the freeway, pulled his vehicle onto the shoulder and attempted to hop the median, not taking notice to the clearing in-between the throughways. Tijerina fell to his immediate death.

Friday, March 27th, Delivery of Fanatical Change
Rene Tijerina’s story is truly an inspirational one. Not only through numerous news releases, but stories from family, friends, coworkers and associates, Rene was a truly exemplary human being, likely partly responsible for the 3,000 attendees to his funeral service. The line into the service itself lasted from 330pm when the doors opened until 930pm that evening. To hear the stories of Rene’s community programs for small children, his outreach efforts, even taking in homeless for whom he found work, paid for odd-jobs, and included in his family’s holiday meals. Rene Tijerina was truly a man deserving of some serious Fanatical Change. Because Rene was a loving single father of his 15yr old son and 13yr old daughter, his children will now be raised by their grandparents; to assist the family with these sudden expenses, the donors of Fanatical Change provided Rene’s children with the majority of this assistance. Two $1000 U.S. Savings Bonds were issued to the children. In addition to the bonds, the children received $1000 in Target spending to assist with closing needs and school supplies. In an effort to alleviate dramatically increased food expenditures, $1000 in HEB spending was also provided to Rene’s parents. Directly from the immediate family of Rene Tijerina, and on behalf of
The Fanatical Change Foundation, Thank you, once again, for your assistance in providing
Rene’s family and his children immediate Fanatical Change.

We have included a short video of our delivery on your behalf to each of the above mentioned families. Your assistance, donations and sponsorships have, in-whole, made this change possible for these loving families. And their gratitude, as well as our own, cannot be put to words. While the video below includes clips of the receipt of this Fanatical Change, please stay tuned, as there are more videos of this change, as well as much more Fanatical Change to come, with your help. -David Winters, Director for The Fanatical Change Foundation.